EPS.4: Fire In The Hole, Guest: Kyle David

By PlymouthPodcast | May 11, 2017

We got the hottest sauces available on boneless chicken tenders from The Speedwell TavernĀ (“Hellfire”) and Luciosos PubĀ (“Fire In The Hole”). We brought the goods home and did a live taste test to see which one was hotter. Our guest is long time friend Kyle David. Brad is on the stool and intern Kim is all…

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EPS.3: Pizza Face Off, All Things Plymouth. Guest: Brad Ford

By PlymouthPodcast | Apr 21, 2017

  Episode 3 was recorded on April 20th with Brad (Geezy), Chloe, and Kim. The first part is a Pizza face off where Lucioso’s goes slice to slice with Mamma Mias (Downtown Plymouth location). Brad has no clue where either slice is from. He is blind folded and tests/rates each slice. Best slice wins. The…

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EPS.2: Heroin, Cape Cod USA with Ryan Beers

By PlymouthPodcast | Apr 13, 2017

In this episode we speak to Ryan Beers who was in the HBO documentary “Heroin, Cape Cod USA”. During the talk we touch on all aspects of Ryan’s addiction, the filming process, selling drugs, and more. If you have not seen the documentary you can watch it HERE Listen on ITUNES/PODCAST APP

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EPS.1: Inside Plymouth Jail

By PlymouthPodcast | Apr 3, 2017

Inside Plymouth Jail with Craig Spimone. What we thought would be a very serious interview turned into a lot of laughs with Craig about his 30 day stay at Plymouth jail. We dive into topics such as food, contraband, jail etiquette and much much more.   ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/plymouth-podcast/id1223783590

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