On Monday afternoon after getting an extraordinary on-ice workout that focused on lower/leg muscles including hamstrings, quadriceps, and adductors, the lady and I decided to finally check out the new Three V restaurant. VVV has done an excellent job on social media getting their name out there and getting people interested in checking the place out. I am sure everyone has seen the famous branded burger bun photos on their Instagram or Facebook feeds.

We left Armstrong arena, puffed half a jont of that medicinal devils lettuce to wake up the taste buds. Everyone knows taste buds get deactivated when you work out at a collegiate athlete like level in temperatures lower than fifty degrees Fahrenheit. That’s why there is like five vending machines in the lobby of the ice skating rink. I think one of them only vends Mountain Dew Code Red. Fire. Anyway, we pulled into cordage park and things look different over there right off the bat. The usually empty parking lot was jam packed with automobiles. I don’t like crowded places, so I instantly become nervous and we second guess going into the restaurant. I had heard there were wait times of over two hours on the weekends and evenings, but it was like 3pm on a Monday so I manned up.

We get out of the car, the air is brisk and I keep my head on a swivel walking in. You never know what kind of situations you will get into in Cordage Park. I had a male friend get talked into going home with a sixty four year old semi cougar on 80’s karaoke night at The Black Raz once. He hasn’t been the same since. The outside of the Three V building is very nice looking. They have their logo nice and large right outside the front door and large glass windows line the outside of the front and side. Shits looking clean.

We walk in and the place is beautiful, clean, tall ceilings, great lighting. There was a hint of that cordage park smell but it goes unnoticed after a while. It was busy but not as busy as the parking lot made us think. The large square shaped bar is located in the center of the dining room, we grabbed two available seats on the west side. Our backs were to the kitchen which has a neat design. It is open, offering patrons a view of the oven and chefs hard at work spinning those za’s and burning brands in the burger buns. My taste buds were awake by the time we sat down, a smiling female bartender greeted us and gave us drink and food menus. A small Bud Light draft is $4 and the tall is $7. We each get a tall and the bud light tastes great. The menu offers a wide variety of appetizers/shareables from seafood to jumbo chicken wings. Not a big sea food guy so we opt for a margherita pizza and some curly fries. My taste buds are wide awake now and have a caught a severe case of the munchies so I am ready for that pizza.

The lady and I reminisce on old times while we waited for our food. I vividly remember Maroon Fives “This Love”  playing over the speaker system. It's a vibe. We share laughs, smiles, look each other in the eyes and she even touched my leg at one point. What a romantic place, wow. My munchies had fully kicked in and I was hungry.  Our intimate, burning connection was broken immediately when the bartender brought out our food. The pizza was a little smaller than I expected, the curly fries came in a cool black basket. We waited for the pizza to cool off and finally dove in. The fresh mozzarella and basil combination sent my taste buds on one way trip to flavortown. The crust was cooked perfectly, I ate my next slice in one bite (not including crust) The curly fries were average, not the best not the worst.

If you have the chance, check out Three V in cordage park. It is clear that these people know what they are doing when it comes to atmosphere, food quality and service. I will definitely be back again soon.

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