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The hottest form of digital media in the game right now is the podcast: It’s easy to download and absorb on a day-to-day basis.

Unfamiliar with this strange word? Essentially, it’s a form of audio broadcasting—or radio show—but it’s available for you to listen whenever—and wherever—you want.


People have used it for a myriad of reasons, whether they’re telling a story, conducting an interview, or simply chopping it up with a friend over a spicy topic. And the thing is, people are absolutely flocking to this form of media.

If you hit up the podcast app on your iPhone and thumb over to the Top Charts section, you’ll find anything from a serialized crime story, to a weekly comedy ensemble from a whole host of hilarious people.


With the Plymouth Podcast, host Chris will bring along a guest host each episode, and dive into local topics. He and his rotating partners will be telling stories, conducting unabashed, truthful interviews, and discussing pertinent issues to the area of Plymouth, MA.

The great thing about this digital media is that it’s flexible: Layers can be added, sounds can be filtered in, and the whole experience can really be one that resonates.

Chris will be tackling some interesting—yet unvarnished—topics in Season 1. He has already spoken with a litany of people in regard to drugs, jail and the Facebook culture permeating this historic town. The full schedule and episode guide will be available in the next few weeks.


Bringing in a new co-host each episode will give it a unique dynamic as well: these tough topics deserve a trained eye, and someone who can give the listeners a perspective that is not easy to come by. 

For the inaugural season, work has already begun on four of the five planned episodes. And that’s where the local readers come in.

The Plymouth Podcast is looking for a topic to investigate and discuss for it’s season finale. This is a town rich in culture, and it deserves to have an eye of scrutiny and objectivity leveled at it. 

Please send any and all ideas to [email protected] or tweet us @plymouthpod  If your topic is selected, we will invite you to be interviewed briefly on the show. 

It’s America’s Hometown, but it’s far from pristine. Help us shine a light on the stories that deserve to be told. They’re out there, and they deserve this platform

Article by: Matthew West @matthewrwest

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